ihs <3


maximus is stable, my nose is sneezy and runny, i took a long nap with my little red dachshund (i always have to google-spell it), get to sleep in tomorrow (FUCKING FINALLY:) and then steve will come and visit me, awakening me with a scratchy kiss and his loud door opening/key dropping skills. ‘s not a bad few days..

at work, sometimes when i talk and try to console sobbing clients who are putting their cats/dogs down in the comfort-room, i just find it best to look into their eyes and ask them if they want a hug. and surprisingly, most of the time (well, all of the time for me, so far), the people immediately say yes. i think i’m surprised by the need of human touch, and how well it makes things better..? i guess i come from a family where we don’t do it too often, even though our affection is sometimes boundless..
i think i need to thank my boyfriend about it.. hes tuned my tactile senses, i’m constantly making skin contact with him, holding hands, nuzzling..
not much of a profound revelation, but im still typing about it, haha. whatever.. its not like lots of people read my bloggitysmogblog



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