words to immortalize.. didn’t know how important these things are until they were actually said.. all those years, when they were texted/emailed/said to me, i never thought to just KEEP them, you know? i guess that even though they were said all the time and i understood the meaning, i became slightly desensitized to what they really entailed.. i’ve got my very own man who could fucking write mooshy lovey cards;p


I can’t wait to be married to you.
I’m addicted to you.
I wish I were with you right now.
I feel really happy with you. Not having you made me appreciate you more.
You’re my security.
I wanna grow old with you and die with you and have lots of animals and a few kids in between.
Of course you spend the most time with her and of course you are a pet hoarder, this is partially why I love you. That’s why we could live out from the city a ways in Oregon and take in all sorts of weird animals that need help. ❤
I'm driving around and just thinking about how lucky I am to have you.. I feel high, and not a sad intense high, a happy lofty one:) you are my medicine; I feel happy and stable with you. <3<3
I just wanna travel with you.. And have fun. I literally feel wonderfully euphoric when I think of you.
I am so happy I met you. I had to work at truly appreciating someone like you, but it paid off.<3
You are my opiate. My little opiate seed.
Andrea, I am so into you still. I cannot stop thinking about you.
You're the only person I can ever see myself getting married and having kids with.
Andrea, you’re the best person for me, we’re so well matched.

and a photo that always makes my stomach and chest region (heh) flutter anew:

and here i am. feeling content, weirdly feeling tickled/terrified by the movie “maximum overdrive” @ 2:57 AM in the dark, feeling all warm having just left steve sleeping in my bed. yup, its kinda good right now because its intensified by the things that weren’t good 2 weeks ago. good, bad, good x43242.


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